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The Solomon Project

The Solomon Project

Can you only imagine?
Imagine a community of 50,000 people where there is is no playground, no recreational parks, no sports facility for youth to play and venue for community events. Now imagine this same community without running, shack homes with dirt floors, no running water and an average family income of $300.00 per month. This is the community in which Fe Viva lives and serves. We are there to be a light and a hope.
We have been able to greatly assist this community over since 1997 with education, medical assistance, feeding programs, smokeless Stoves, etc, etc. We have seen a lot of change thanks to the continued support and prayers of our partners and friends. We now have a project that will take this to the next level and we want to invite you to be a part of it. We need your help to do so!

The Solomon Project is a 5 acre piece of land we are transforming into an oasis for the entire community where the youth have a place for sports activities, the children can play in a safe and modern commercial playground and the adults and families have a community center they can hold special events such as birthdays, weddings, etc.

With this fully developed park Fe Viva will also be able to develop special sports programs so the youth have a quality place to learn real skills and give them a purpose in life.

The project is broken into 4 phases. The first phase has already been finished which consists of a fully secured and safe commercial playground area for the parents to bring their children to just have fun and be kids.

The second phase consists of building infrastructure such as retaining walls, electrical grid, lighting, security walls and drainage canals. This phase also includes the vital part of leveling the land for picnic and play areas, soccer pitch and parking, much of which has already been done. We are currently working on this phase and much of it has already been accomplished.

Phase 3 is the largest and most crucial part of the project. It is a professional size soccer pitch which includes lighting for night time play. The soccer pitch will be a multi functional field that will give us the ability to bring in professional matches, develop multi leveled training for all levels of age and skill. It will also allow our college to include certified athletic courses in education.

Phase 4 is the last but not least important. This phase consists of building an event center to host special events for ministry use with room for 400-500 persons. Fe Viva currently holds regular seminars and special in their present compound, but the need has outgrown the size of our facilities to properly host these vital events.

Please be apart of this special place that will bring joy to so many in this community and help change lives.


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