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Stoves for Life

In Guatemala, as in many other countries, breathing in the toxic fumes while preparing meals puts Guatemala families at risk for respiratory illnesses, blindness and burns on a daily basis. It is estimated that 77% of Guatemalan families use wood as their main fuel source. To diminish this health hazard, Fe Viva is installing efficient wood burning stoves with ventilation pipes to prevent smoke from filling the home. These highly energy efficient wood burning stoves use 40 percent less wood than conventional stoves and get hot enough to cook quicker. These stoves will benefit local families in the communities with cost efficient and better health.


Stoves Installed


  • These stoves use less wood

  • Less wood means cost savings

  • Less deforestation which is a growing problem in Guatemala

  • Smoke is vented away from the house which helps with breathing problems

  • Because there is no open fire, there are less children and adults burned from falling into an open fire

Materials needed: Stove, block, concrete

Cost: $300 USD per complete stove installation


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