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Community Development

Community Development is a large part of Fe Viva’s role in its mission’s directives. We found the best way to share the love of Jesus is to not only address spiritual needs, but also to meet physical needs. If they are hungry, if they are thirsty, give them something to drink; if they are sick, care for their ailments. Then when we speak about Jesus’ love, they have already seen it in action and quickly receive.

One of the first areas of Community Development is the start of a regular feeding program. We supply a nutritious breakfast to the students attending classes every day. Our goal is to include all the children in the community. The kids need a nutritious meal to help them focus on their studies. Many of the children get no more than a bowl of rice and some beans to sustain them for the day.

For about $15 a month per child, we can supply vitamins and a healthy breakfast. There are about 1,000 children who need our help.

Another area of Community Development is a sports program. Nicaraguans love sports, especially baseball, soccer, and basketball. Plans are under way to develop our facility to accommodate this great need. There are very few areas for the youth to play sports safely and properly. As part of our Community Development programs we will offer a safe environment and clinics to teach skills in each area of sport activity.


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